Friday, December 24, 2010


This is to share my first day's experience in Sreepathy Engg. college. I have joined there on Friday 17-12-10. I met manager and Principal and signed the joining letter with there blessings and wishes. Narayanan Sir (Rtd from ISRO, HOD in Charge) introduced me to Mrs. Jayasree of our dept. and she took me to whole college and give a brief about the college. I was actually in an excitement by my thought that I have achieved something. Teaching is my passion and dream career. Now, I got a wonderful platform to prove (or experiment) myself that my passion is in right.
I have met other staff members and I got some familiar faces from them. On the first day, I didnot get a chance to take class.
On the second day- it was a Saturday- there have special timetable and I have no allotment. But, unexpectedly Priya Miss of CSE told me to go for second year class. Might be from the force of my excitement, I happily agreed to go. On the last night I had a small research on my subjects and made some notes. That means, I had prepared a snapshot of the subject which is sufficient for an hour.
After the prayer, by remembering all my elders and teachers, I entered into the class. (Let me to take the words of Akbar Kakkattil, "first cllass of a teacher and first night are similar".) I felt little affraid to look on the students. With all my courge, I look them and say good morning to all. The subject I have to handle is Programming Paradigm. After taking attendence, I ask names of student that gave me confidants and I just started the teaching.
What I did was... started with the definition and meaning of programming paradigms, then talk about how they write programs and made a discussion based on there prior knowledge. When I explained things with some common real life example, I saw their interest from their face. I stopped my class 5 minutes before the bell rang and asked how they followed? All of them happily say thank you when I came from the class.
I got some smiles as response from the class. I hope that are positives. But I have to improve my self to make the class interesting and intellectual.
Dear friends please pray forme to do well in this profession. And share your ideas with me also.
With love and regards

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