Saturday, March 5, 2011

In font memories of Raveendran master

Dear friends,
Today May 5, 6 years before, our Raveendran Master left this world, by leaving his melodies to us....Pay homage in font memories of  Master.

In this occasion , I have to share some of my views on Raveendra Sangeetham. Last day I had a hot but nice discussion with my cousin about  Raveendra Sangeetham. In his point of view, the success of any art depends on how it reaches the common people. He told that Raveendran Master's songs are complex and cannot be sung by common people. He compare this with melodies of 1960's. there should be more hard work to make a simple song than difficult one. He considered that Raveendran master didn't do much hard work in his composition, when considering the work of Devarajan Master and other pioneers.

With all respect to him, I partially accept his arguments that Raveendran Master's songs are complex and difficult. But it was not the demerit of Raveendra Sangeetham. The difficulties and complexities are his identity- what called "Raveendran Touch".

The standard and quality of an arts cannot be determined by its popularity. Kadhakali have small number of viewers compared to Film, which does not imply that Kadhakali is not a good art form. I think, if an art form convey the message in peer group, it is success. The same in case of Raveendran master. It is right that none other than Yesudas can sing his songs in such a perfection and beauty. But the popularity of his songs are clear as water. People like his songs because of this difficulty and the power.

His hard work in his compositions are very clear when we hear each of his songs. How he use the common raga bhava in different moods, how he introduced new ragas to the film songs are some of the examples for his hard work. Many of classical krities are popular through Raveendran Master's songs. It was only his hard work made a special seat for him in the industry. Most of his songs are evergreen hits. And, If he follow the tradition of 60's, we didn't get a "Pramadavanam" or "Harimuraleeravam".

Dear friend, don't think  that I'm against all other musicians, . I like all good songs, and their creators. I respect all those made this field such colorful and rich.

Actually, the comparison was il-logical. Area of art is dominated by personal views and tastes. There have no statistics to keep a bench mark. Every individual measure the artists on his own bais. Such discussions will become never ending process if the participants are really spirited in their tastes. My cousin also accept this common philosophy of comparison and concluded by a mutual win-win.

I hope you also support our concluding philosophy... :)
Please remember Raveendran master and his never forgetting Songs in his death anniversary...

With love

Interview with KPAC Lalitha